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Veneer Cast Stone works best when used in vertical applications where its primary advantage of being lightweight is utilized. Veneer Cast Stone and other manufactured stones will be damaged to some degree is exposed to weather in a horizontal position. Our warranty is invalid if flat stone is placed horizontally in weather without an approved concrete sealer. We recommend the use of natural stone for flat applications. Though sealing is recommended, beveled and column caps weather fairly well as water exits the surface quickly.



Veneer Cast Stone extends the following warranty to the original purchaser of the product for a period of 50 years from the date of purchase.

  • The products shall be free from obvious defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Manufacturer shall only be liable when the product is used on a structure which conforms to local building codes and when the product is used in the manner intended by the manufacturer in accordance to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Manufacturer shall be liable for the replacement of the product only and shall not be liable for replacement labor or any consequential damages.
  • Manufacturer is not liable for minor variation in color of the product.
  • This warranty shall apply only when the product is installed in accordance with maufacturer’s specification

Inspect the product prior to installation

This warranty does not cover damage caused by:

  • Modification or Alteration of the product by anyone other than the manufacturer.
  • Settlement of the structure or other wall movement.
  • Physical Abuse to or Misuse of the product or its operation in a manner contrary to the accompanying installation instructions.
  • Season Checking. Concrete products are subject to seasonal shrinkage which creates hairline cracking.
  • Contact with Chemical or Paint Contaminants. DO NOT USE ACID TO CLEAN THE PRODUCT.
  • Staining of Oxidation.
  • Stain caused by Efflorescence.
  • Discoloration caused by acid generated by growing Moss.
  • Loss of color caused by Acid Rain.
  • Loss of color on products installed horizontally, ie: porch tops, steps, and retaining wall tops. These applications should be SEALED using a masonry sealer.

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